Saturday, March 18, 2006

A Lethal Combination

Friday night. Vegas. March Madness. St. Patty's Day. Tequila. Wine. Beer. Rum. I think you can guess that this ends badly.

The quote of the night came from a 22 year old nursing student with a very bad dye job who was looking for a drink sponsor for her and her giggly gaggle of friends. After inquiring as to our professions, she said, "You sell paper? That's all well and good gentlemen, but the question of the evening is: Is it LUCRATIVE?"

You have to admire her forthrightness, but as two middle-age guys in committed relationships with wonderful women, we left skid marks leaving that bar.

Plus we knew we wouldn't have any chance with those women because we weren't wearing colorful vertical striped shirts, the courting plumage of the cocksure hipster. There's no way to compete with these "stripers" unless it's on an SAT.

Well, it's back to reality today. I definitely need a few days off to recover from my vacation.


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