Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Green is not the only color at Augusta

One of my favorite bloggers to read, Kat Coble, skimmed my recollections of the Masters and had a very interesting misinterpretation. When I wrote about the "explosion of colors and people," she read it as "the explosion of colored people." A logical mistake to make at Augusta National.

But contrary to conventional wisdom, there were people of color at the event who were not named Tiger or Vijay. I saw several groups of well-dressed African Americans touring the course with the rest of the crowd. I, personally, didn't think twice about it until I heard the same comment come from not one, but five different patrons at different times during the day.

"Oh honey, look over there. I wonder what team they play for."

We're not all the way there yet, I'm afraid...


Blogger charles said...

Exploding colored people?! I totally missed that when I read it the first time. You'd think that would have made the news.

10:58 PM  

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