Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Back From the Emerald Isle

RUABelle and I are back in Atlanta after an 8 1/2 hour flight from Shannon. We left for the airport at about 11:00 last night Nashville time, so we're fairly wrecked. Give me a little time to detox, upload some pictures and figure out what time zone we're in and I'll regale y'all with some stories.

A teaser: I now know how many pints are in a gallon.


Blogger SistaSmiff said...

Jet lag, excuse. Quit yer slackin' and get with it!

2:50 PM  
Blogger Don said...

Linked over from the Emerson Street Tavern.

The wife and I got back from Ireland last night. Dublin to Atlanta to Nashville.

Galway, the Cliffs of Moher, Glendelough (sp?), Kilkenney, lots of other places.

Great vacation. Tiring, but great.


3:36 PM  
Blogger newscoma said...

Jet lag is the suck.
Detoxing and jet lag is the super suck.

2:30 AM  

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