Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Take Five

I got tagged by The Nashville Knucklehead a while ago on this one, so I figured in the spirit of full disclosure I oughta share a little more about my dry little spot in the universe. There doesn't seem to be any set format for these 5-spot deals, so I'll choose what I want.

5 jobs I've Had
VP of marketing of a paper company, owner of a direct mail office product and stationery catalog, Princeton Review high school and college standardized testing instructor, resident assistant, scuba tank technician

5 Movies I Could Watch Over and Over
Fandango, Blues Brothers, Pulp Fiction, Seven Samurai (with subtitles and commentary track on...otherwise I can never figure out what the heck is going on), Godfather

5 Places I've Lived
Westmeade, Stanford, East Palo Alto, Wallingford, CT, 37212

5 TV Shows I Love to Watch
Arrested Development (RIP?), The Office (I'll count BBC and NBC as one), Family Guy, MythBusters, Amazing Race

5 Places I like to Go on Vacation
New Orleans (RIP?), Vegas, Sewanee, Gulf Shores, Napa

5 Favorite Foods
Interstate BBQ's bbq'd spaghetti, my smoked pork tenderloin, RUABelle's international lasagna, Brazilian churrasco, Ferdi Special Po-boy from Mother's in New Orleans

5 Places I'd Rather Be
Sewanee on my front porch, Center Hill Lake in a boat fighting a smallmouth bass, on a beach in Brazil practicing my portuguese "É a coisa mais linda que eu ja vi passar," in a hammock in Xel-Ha near Tulum, Mexico, on a dark craps table late at night in a downtown Vegas casino

5 Albums I Couldn't Live Without
Layla-Derek and the Dominos, What is Hip?-Tower of Power, Kiko-Los Lobos, Deguello-ZZ Top, Texas Flood-Stevie Ray Vaughan

I don't know 5 other bloggers to tag, but I'll at least get two friends, Chuck and the Hilster.


Blogger Kat Coble said...

Yes, Arrested Development is officially RIP. Mitch Hurwitz declined the pending Showtime offer.

9:56 AM  
Anonymous Chuck said...

Here ya go!

8:11 PM  

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