Thursday, June 08, 2006

Running the Fan Fair Gauntlet

The good Sista Smith and the always amusing Sara Clark shook the cobwebs in the cluttered attic of my mind and reminded me of an amusing Fan Fair story.

RUABelle used to work at a small advertising agency whose offices were on 4th Avenue, a block or so north of the interstate. One year in June, she noticed people walking in front of her windows headed south. After a day or so of this, she finally figured out what was going on.

Fan Fair was held out at the Fairgrounds for years. These folks were spending their mornings downtown buying records at Ernest Tubbs and teddy bears at Bobby Bare Country. Then they were schlepping their swag up 4th Avenue, wearing cut-off denim shorts, cowboy boots, white atheletic socks (with a couple of stripes showing above the boot line), Mandrell Sister t-shirts and raging sunburns. Apparently they were reading their Chamber of Commerce maps that said that 4th Avenue turns into Nolensville Rd. that runs into the Fairgrounds.

And that was true...but it necessitated a several mile walk through some of the scariest housing projects in town, where I imagine the Conway Twitty Fan Club was not well represented or appreciated. RUABelle asked her boss whether or not they should warn these hapless tourists. He said, "Naah. How often do you actually get to see Darwinian evolution at work."



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