Thursday, September 14, 2006

How It Could Work

Three ways to get from Midway Airport to the Hyatt Regency-Chicago:

1.) Taxi-1 hour-$38.00 (The way my boss took)
2.) Multi-hotel shuttle bus-1 1/2 hours-$27.00
3.) CTA Orange Line train-30 minutes + a 5 minute, four block walk on a pretty morning-$2.00

Guess which way CeeElCheapskate took? Somebody appoint me to the MTA board and I'll get this crap worked out!

Thus endeth the sermon.


Blogger John H said...

The first time Lynn and I visited Chicago, we took Option 2 (not knowing that opt. 3 existed. We took several buses and had to transfer some heavy luggage along the way. At one point, I am pretty sure we were in a suburb of Baghdad.

Subsequently, we've rolled on option 3. As the kids RocKs!

9:27 AM  

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