Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The Road to Hell is Paved with Good Winetentions

We really planned to hit 5-6 different wineries today. In reality, we made it to three. By the end, I was using the dump bucket and spitting out our tastings. I'm normally a swallower, not a spitter, but today I was carrying precious cargo, RUABelle. (Take THAT, Google searchers! My hits should go through the roof now...)

We have nine wineries planned for tomorrow. The over/under is five.

We had a wonderful dinner at Hurley's in Yountville. We told our extremely friendly server how much we had enjoyed our last meal cooked by Bob Hurley a couple of years ago, and he sent the chef out to our table for a personal chat. What a great day!

RUABelle said she felt like a princess today. I must be doing my job well. I'll try to live up to it tomorrow.


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