Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Some Post-cruise Observations

1. Apparently all the salt air must have shrunk my clothes somehow. Nothing seems to fit the same anymore. How unfortunate.

2. Cruise food is like having an endless pantry of pop-tarts. I saw people leave the 8:15 dinner seating and head directly upstairs to get in line for the midnight buffet. Hmmm...that might have something to do with number 1.

3. Mexico is much closer to the equator than Nashville. The sun is apparently stronger. Double your SPF.

4. No matter what the nice local tells you it will look like, do NOT get your hair braided while onshore. It will look, at best, hideous and at worst, tragic. Plus you'll probably burn your scalp really badly. (See #3)

5. I heard a cruiser who wasn't part of our advertising convention group complain that the people on the ship were "too rednecky." I didn't really notice that. Do you think it could have been us he was talking about?


Blogger Short and Fat said...

You look great in pearls.

11:53 AM  

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