Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Enough Already!

Appy-polly-logies if I'm absent from the blogosphere for the next couple of days. RUABelle's grandmother passed away (a blessing-Alzheimer's), and I'm carrying her down to southern Georgia for the visitation and the funeral.

I think this makes more funerals of friends, relatives and relatives of friends than I can count on both hands over the past three months. I don't know if I can officially do this or not, but I would like to officially declare a moratorium on anybody I know dying until at least the new year.

Yeah, I know, I'll probably be a jinx, but a guy's gotta try! I promise to drive safe.


Blogger CHIC-HANDSOME said...


2:55 PM  
Blogger newscoma said...

We are having a sucky end of summer, aren't we?
Tell Rua that we are thinking of her.
When you get back, I will drive specifically to have beer with you and your fine lady.
Once again, I wish you guys peace.

2:41 PM  

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