Friday, September 01, 2006

...And the Score at the Half, Babe-14 Wilbur-7

It's been a really slow and sloppy first half, but at least it's really hot. TV timeouts and coaches' challenges ought to be severely limited during preseason games.

Kerry Collins has a rocket arm, but understandably doesn't know our offense very well yet after three days of practice. I hope that Tyrone Calico was renting a house instead of buying. He looks like he's running in quicksand.

Jersey swinger got in an actual fight, but he managed to get two Packer fans kicked out for instigating. The threats to kick his butt are flying all over, so our section has become something of a police state.

I think I may lay low for a little while...


Blogger Nashville Knucklehead said...

I'm at work and I just remembered the replay Channel 2 scheduled of the game and I turned it on and right before I clicked to come here I thought, "He won't spoil the game for me, it's too soon."


7:33 PM  

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