Sunday, November 19, 2006

Commerce-Small and Large Scale

RUABelle and I took advantage of a weekend in town without a Titans game to run some errands on Saturday morning. The most pleasant was a trip to Jeffraham Prestonian's manor on the river to pick up a few items I purchased at his West Gnashvegas Swap Spot. I hesitate to tell ya'll about it in case I want to buy some more stuff from him later, but I know he could use the money and Curly the extra-cool cat needs the scratch too. (pun intended) Plus, I got a free copy of Curly's Christmas dvd so I owe them the shout out.

Nellie the Nervous Pudelhund has enjoyed watching the dvd of Curly's adventures around JP's apartment. We left it on the kitchen tv while we puttered around the house and actually found it and Jeffraham's original soundtrack to be quite soothing. Our cats were a little more more suspicious though.

After leaving Casa Prestonian, we went to the opening weekend of the new Costco in West Nashville. I have never been to a place outside of the Magic Kingdom which more efficiently separates you from your money. The lay-out of the store was easy to figure out, the staff was very courteous, the check-out personnel were extremely efficient and the parking lot was easy to navigate. In other words, it's the anti-Sam's Club. The experience has already convinced us to let our Sam's membership lapse whenever it comes up for renewal again.

But here's a hint...don't go without a list. Ouch! No really, we needed that gallon of sundried tomatoes and the prelit topiary Xmas tree.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Enjoy t3h Curly DVD. :)

... and shoot me a link to any recorded noodlings you make with the cool pre-owned toys, please.

9:49 AM  

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