Thursday, September 21, 2006

You Wanna Know a Secret?

Sometimes I get off the bus a couple of stops early and buy RUABelle some flowers at Village Florist. Then I walk home through Hillsboro Village just so I can see everybody thinking, "There goes the best boyfriend ever." **

Then I get home and hear it from the person who matters most.

Everybody say, "Awwwwwwwww."

** Or else they're thinking, "I wonder what that dumbass did to get into trouble with his girlfriend."


Blogger Nashville Knucklehead said...

There you go again, pandering to your female fan base.

12:49 PM  
Blogger Busy Mom said...


1:15 PM  
Blogger ceeelcee said...

Don't be a playa hater, Knuck. I don't have pork to ply `em with like you do.

2:00 PM  
Blogger saraclark said...

You know it's hard for male meat smokers to meet women.

Good Job CLC--Men who buy flowers for their signficant other-especially men that pick the flowers out themselves-- tend to get laid way more often than men who don't. Scientific fact.

2:14 PM  
Blogger newscoma said...

Not really, but I thought I would give you some love anyway.
You sly dog.
Flowers work with chicks.
I sorta know.

9:16 PM  
Blogger Short and Fat said...

I have a similar tactic, flower I bring home are a waste compared to flowers I have delivered to Mrs. Fat's workplace.

Jealous co-workers help stoke the embers of my wife's love.

10:04 PM  
Blogger ceeelcee said...

RUABelle teaches kindergarten and they won't let me deliver flowers to her school anymore. After the anthrax scares (hell, just typing that word has probabaly put The Dry Spot on a watch list), they don't accept personal delieveries to the school office.

The terrorists have won that round.

8:41 AM  
Blogger Malia said...

Shut Up! You really do that? I'm terribly impressed! And good for you!

2:34 PM  
Blogger bridgett said...

I grow my own flowers and my husban vacuums the dirt out of the trunk when I come back from the nursery. That's love enough.

8:13 AM  

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